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The Core

Portrait of Dane Phillips, Founder & CEO of Elite Admit.

Dane Phillips

Founder & CEO

About Dane
Portrait of Max Thangtongchin, Advisor at Elite Admit.

Max Thangtongchin

Country Manager

About Max
Portrait of Carl Prince, Country Manager at Elite Admit.

Carl Prince

Senior Partner

About Carl
Portrait of Fernie Martinez, Senior Partner at Elite Admit.

Fernie Martinez

Senior Partner

About Fernie
Portrait of Nick Piromsawat, Senior Consultant at Elite Admit.

Nick Piromsawat

Senior Partner

About Nick
Portrait of Lindsey Stoker, Partner at Elite Admit.

Lindsey Stoker


About Lindsey
Portrait of Tae Wattanawanitchakorn, Program Coordinator at Elite Admit.

Tae Wattanawanitchakorn

Senior Consultant

About Tae
Portrait of Veronica Cantu, Consultant at Elite Admit.

Veronica Cantu


About Veronica


Portrait of Mim Nonthapun, Advisor at Elite Admit.

Mim Nonthapun

About Mim
Portrait of Jinny Siranart, Advisor at Elite Admit.

Jinny Siranart

About Jinny

Editors & Language Instructors

Portrait of Ashley Faulkenberry, Editor at Elite Admit.

Ashley Faulkenberry

About Ashley
Portrait of Krishna Wright, Editor & Language Instructor at Elite Admit.

Krishna Wright

About Krishna
Portrait of Punpun Tippayarat, Language Instructor at Elite Admit.

Punpun Tippayarat

About Punpun

And More

Elite Admit has a full team of experts in diverse industries and subjects, including Management/Strategy Consulting, e-Commerce, Data Analytics, Banking/Finance, Blockchain, Supply Chain, Process Engineering, Oil & Gas, Social Enterprise, Law, Healthcare, and numerous other vital areas. You can be assured your consultant or support specialist will have expertise in your specific area of need.


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