Elevate Your Journey to Success with Unparalleled Admissions Consulting Services in Southeast Asia

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Start-to-Finish Consulting

We offer the highest level of full-service admissions consulting in Southeast Asia. You will work with the same team of elite professionals from your first day to your last. While other companies regularly hand clients off to low-level employees, every client at Elite Admit will be working with at least Partner-level experts every step of the way.

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Honesty & Integrity

We approach this process with the highest level of ethics, ensuring every word in your application is true, reflecting who you are and what you’ve accomplished. We never take shortcuts, so you can rest easy knowing your place in the MBA program is earned and your acceptance will stand.

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Total Dedication

You will have all the time you need from your consultant. We don’t oversell and underserve like other firms. We have a pre-set workload we will never exceed, ensuring the highest level of service for every client.

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Professional Development

We are much more than admissions consultants and application developers. We are Human Capital consultants, helping you grow and improve to ensure your success in admissions and beyond.

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Interview Coaching

We offer the most comprehensive and effective interview training in Southeast Asia, with unique world-class strategies carefully developed by combining insights from admissions, marketing, management, consulting, journalism, business psychology, and even evolutionary biology. You will learn a few dozen strategies that will empower you to effectively answer thousands of potential questions in every conceivable interview dynamic. This is not interview “practice.” It’s business communications training at the highest possible level.

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Job Interview Training

As leading experts in both Fit and Case Interview strategies and preparation, we have helped our clients earn offers from Google, McKinsey, BCG, BlackRock, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Dell, Amazon, and many other top global firms.

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Standardized and Transparent Pricing

We use standardized pricing and uniform discounts (GMAT, early sign up, etc.). There are no hidden charges for “premium schools” or the Harvard 24-hour essay. Everything you need to succeed is included. It also ensures you are never ignored or mistreated because you paid a discounted rate (resulting in reduced service at other companies). At Elite Admit, everyone is a top priority.

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*[Elite Admit] in brackets denotes the consultant (named in the testimonial) is now at Elite Admit. You can read full versions of some testimonials here. All testimonials are available in their entirety in our office.


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